Uta Bollwerk and Isabel Dos Santos make up 2accord, the singing duo from Germany. I got to know them through our shared passion for music.



The result has been not only a valued friendship but also a lovely album cover and two songs:


         ‘In Silence’ -

         ‘Fellows and Friends’ -



  ‘In Silence’ even made it onto the duo’s first album, ‘Stories’, which makes me very proud.

The music was composed by Uta she knew exactly how to complement my lyrics with the perfect music.


I was there in the studio when Uta and Isa recorded ‘In Silence’. That was a day I will never forget.



I don’t want to say too much about the lyrics themselves. I wrote them

in August 2010

they came from the very

bottom of

my heart and are about friendship and hope.



It was Isa who

wrote the music for

'Fellows and Friends'.

You can watch

a video of the first performance on 2accord’s facebook page.


'In Silence' by 2accord (veröffentlicht auf der EP "Stories":